When most of you guys think about “meditation”, you would probably imagine yourself sitting quietly with crossed legs without thinking about anything. I thought that was all maybe around two years ago, but there is so much more to it than that.

I would love to share my experiences of Vipassana meditation at Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. There are many Vipassana meditation centers around the world based on the teaching by Mr. S.N. Goenka. The course I participated is based on Satipatthana Vipassana (Insight Meditation in line with the 4 Foundations of mindfulness of the body, feelings/sensations, mind/consciousness, and dhamma) by Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw’s teaching.  Basically we meditate by focusing on while walking and sitting mindfully.

I knew already about the rule of the vipassana meditation because some of my friends tried already, and I heard a lot about the great experiences. We are not allowed to communicates with other participants, no food after noon, no phone/reading/writing, there are other rules as well, but the main rules are those. So I started mentally preparing for it after I arrived in Thailand at the beginning of January in 2020, and I joined this course on 23rd January.

On the first two days, there was no water coming out from the tap; which means no shower and I brushed my teeth using the drinking water from the plastic bottle. I did not feel good, and it was impossible to concentrate on myself without the proper hygiene functions. On the third day, I still remember how grateful it was to see just the water coming from the tap; which I never had even appreciated before because it is just a normal thing for me. Also I had difficulty in adapting myself to when it comes to food. We are not allowed to have solid food after noon; we are allowed to have only liquid after lunch, which was fine for me but I wish I could have more fresh fruits to feel energized. I feel the body and mind is perfectly interconnected with, and what we put into our mouth is so important to focus on ourselves and for maintaining the higher vibration. I appreciate that food they provide for us, but I hope they can consider for the future participates.

Day by day, I got used to the life in the meditation center because I had found routines that worked for me and the distractions from the past began to fade. With everything quieted down, and maintaining continuous awareness of these sensations with observing my breath. Of course I could not focus on myself sometimes but I had an interesting sensation which I remember so strongly; I was so comfortable just closing my eyes, and I felt I was in the real world. When I opened my eyes, everything looked like something surreal, vivid, and even looks like a fake world.

I began to appreciate the beauty of the vivid nature around me more by sending gratitude energy for what I have already, and realizing that nothing is lacking of inside of me. I am a complete being since I was born into this earth.

The courses are running on a donation basis; which is such a beautiful concepts to consider about the people who are coming to experience in the future.

The most amazing thing to do meditation course in Doi Suthep is that you can sneak in the temple after all the tourists are gone; which is extremely quiet and such a sacred atmosphere. Also you can enjoy the night view looking over the whole Chiang Mai city at night.

When the mind is calm, peaceful and full of gratitude, the spirits can speak louder to guide us to the right direction in divine order; which we call it intuition 。:゚・*

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