I have been felt hormonal imbalance in my body, and being disconnected from my womb for years. Since I have been treated this way; always been searching for solutions for my irregular menstrual cycle while taking the artificial contraceptive pills for over so many years, and I have ignored all of the voice from my body. That is how I treated my body last 10 years.

I always felt my emotional pain that rooted in my heart and in my womb; which is called “another heart’ in female body. The womb looks literally the shape of the heart in some way. Finally in this year I feel I am more connected to my female energy and my womb by appreciating those signs to protect my body; instead of blaming those, and looking for the solutions (medication) in outer world.

The most biggest part to heal my womb is by growing my wisdom, by extending my journey to my ancestors. By connecting more through those, I feel I am returning back to my true self. The 80% of information we carry in our physical body is from our ancestors, especially from our closest three generations; parents, grandparents and grand grandparents. Other 20 % is downloaded from other ancestors even though we do not even know their names or faces. I acknowledged their existence, and during my meditation I send prayer to them daily to heal my body; which also means healing their emotional wounds because they are inside of us, we carry inside of our womb in female body. Also we carry our female collective pain energy as well through history, child birth, and child loss etc. All of those are the pain energy from the past; therefore it is important to heal and detach those energy to come back to the true self, which only exists in the present moment, and leads us to the enlightenment.

The womb can be healed by being listened, touched and felt. I have been called back to my feminine wisdom, and trying to connect deeper with my womb by awakening her energy, by using yoni eggs, meditations, lots of healing procedures.


From now on after this virus and crisis, it is so important to go back to true self, listening our body, and your inner voice. Through my temple (female body), I could more reaching to my true self.

The depressions, numbness and emptiness that so many of women have been carrying so far are rooted deep inside of the womb. We came to this planet to experience all those emotions but it is time to stand up, and discover who you truly are, and celebrate the bliss of the existence on the Mother Earth.


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